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Hey Besties, 

As many of you may very well know, Sophia and I are the owners of Bestie Toys. Bestie Toys is a sensory tool company that creates safe and organic chewelry that promotes self-regulation. Our chewelry is highly recommended for individuals with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD and for those who seek sensory input. While doing this we decided to expand our reach and business to be able to help our community on a much larger scale.

After starting our small business, Bestie Toys in 2016, we’ve come to see the same problems and issues being overlooked and disregarded over and over again. These issues include misdiagnosis, under-diagnosis in girls/women, children, and lack of support for families. The worst issue of all is the oversized stigma that individuals and their families face on a daily.

Our customers were constantly reaching out to us with their issues and complaints about various topics, highlighting that our communities are struggling and not enough people are taking notice. Most people believe tat not enough people are speaking out about the real issues that these individuals face..

As advocates for the past 4 years, we were able to meet with different organizations, specialists and individuals directly correlated to these issues.

With years of experience from both the therapist perspective and in business within the Autism and the special needs community, we decided that there is more that can be done and should be done.

There are endless possibilities out there and these families are getting the short end of the stick! Combined with our years of experience, we’ve decided to continue advocating these problems amongst others and taking it to the next level by starting a non-profit called Bestie Foundation, Inc.

We also recently created a Facebook group/ community that will be integrated with educational resources, daily discussions, tips, specialist referrals, and more. We see the need and lack of resources that are given, so we intend on providing as much help and support as we can. We are also launching a podcast where we will cover a wide range of topics, issues and solutions by parents and specialists alike from the special needs community. 

As two Besties who have set out on a mission to change the world and make it a better place, we will not stop until we have accomplished just that! Creating helpful programs and making the lives of families and individuals with developmental challenges better…just – one “Bestie” at a time! 

Stay tuned for more blog posts by us, two besties on a mission! 



(Your favorite Besties)